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To help build on Purina's leadership position as a consumer-friendly, pet-loving company at scale, Deep Focus took on the challenge of helping to show they deserved the trust of pet lovers everywhere.

The always-on campaign used social media to highlight Purina's animal-loving employees and fans — people with real stories and strong, loving connections with their pets.

Deep Focus used research and social listening to create an operation that helped discover the topics pet lovers care about most, evaluate conversations to see where Purina could add value, then craft expert content to respond quickly. The content was then tweeted directly at the people discussing the topic and listened to see what popped.

With an average identification-to-response time of 2 hours, the campaign joined in pertinent conversations with speed and relevancy. This real-time, one-to-one content is exciting pet lovers everywhere while also showing the world Purina's deep passion and expertise. The entire workflow has been integrated into Purina's overall marketing strategy.