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A fabled panda dragon warrior pitted against the horror of unreliable WIFI? It might not be the most convincing plot for a new blockbuster classic, but it tells a story in WCRS's new collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox Film Company for Sky Broadband.

The new campaign features characters from “Kung Fu Panda 3”, and includes a bespoke 50 second animated spot which shows us how unreliable internet can disrupt everyone’s ‘feng shui’.

In the TV ad, Po’s biological father Li Shan is seen lulling the last of the baby pandas to sleep so he can snack on his favourite dumplings. Not wanting to miss the picturesque moment, Po and Mr. Ping, decide to film it on their tablet as Li Shan adds some flavour to his dumplings with pepper. Unwittingly, he sprinkles some on one of the baby pandas which causes it to let out an almighty sneeze, startling Li Shan in the process and setting off a chain reaction of sneezing baby pandas.

Po, delighted at what he has just captured, decides to upload the hilarious video but is hindered by a slow internet connection. Mr. Ping, points out that they wouldn’t have had this issue if they had Sky Broadband, which is now available in the Sky Broadband Big Sale.

The campaign will also feature on radio as well as on digital platforms, print media and on posters across Britain.